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"A powerful modem elegy for strings, intense in emotional content, well conceived for the ensemble, exhibiting many of the characteristics familiar from this composer's other works: careful control of materials, varieties of tonal colors, weights and energies, all of it thoughtful and well worked out. The moments of consonant harmony (primarily at cadences) are achieved graciously and naturally within the extended tonality of the materials. Really lovely-a worthy alternate to the over-played Barber Adagio, with which it shares some of the same emotional world."

The American Prize Judging Panel

"David P. Sartor's 'Reveries' for string orchestra was a 7-minute work, attractive and tonal, with just enough harmonic and rhythmic dissonance to keep it interesting...this work is well [worth] hearing again."

Jim Lowe
Vermont Times Argus

"Reveries...acutely and precisely evokes the deep, dark introspective mood..that sense of - at times - being painfully cut adrift - to then search for resolution without success and to finally simply find peace in ultimate resignation. Wonderfully apt work."

Les Marsden
Music Director
Mariposa Symphony Orchestra



for String Orchestra

Duration: approximately 7 minutes

Reveries was the winner of the Burlington (VT) Chamber Orchestra's 2009 Composers Competition. It was premiered on May 29, 2009 and May 30, 2009 by the BCO on the final concerts of their 2008-2009 season.

Reveries was a Finalist for the 2014 American Prize in Orchestral Composition, and was also a Finalist in the Fauxharmonic Orchestra's 2007 Adagio Composition Contest. It has had a number of performances - most recently in late 2015 by the Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra with Kayoko Dan conducting.

Michael Hopkins conducts the Burlington Chamber Orchestra in the premiere of Reveries

Program Notes

REVERIES depicts a soul's final reflections on a rich life filled with both triumph and regret. The work concludes with the soul's last cry heavenward, followed by the incredible homecoming and overwhelming peace of being joined with God.


Violin 1
Violin 2

Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola and Violoncello contain divisi passages.

Published by Metamorphic Music.